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ARTSHOW_666: Hell Breaks Loose!

April 26, 2014 from 7-11pm | $5 donations please | @ Hole in the Sky | 2110 5th St NE -- 2nd Floor, Washington DC [map]

The sixth in Hole in the Sky's ongoing series of awesome art shows. Our theme this timearound: HELLLLLL YEAH!!!

In which we stage the ultimate guitar duel of good vs evil and showcase the satanic artworks of some super dope artists. All work will be for sale and artists will be chilling. We're fundraising to make improvements at our space so if you can hook us up with $5, that'd be very cool.

Ice cream sandwiches provided by the ever so lovely dudes of: Milk Cult.

Artists on view Include: Kirk + Justin Zamieroski | Sean Berg | Saman Bemel-Benrud | Ryan Florig | Abi Fapohunda | Tyler Deal | Brody Rose | Henning Snell | LA Johnson | Joseph Le | Martin Swift | Ryan Ford | Superwaxx | Christopher Haughery | DAHM | Nightmare Mikey | Bonner Sale | Julian Starks | Juan Pineda | Anthony Dihle | Adam Richard Nelson Hughes | Sauna Boyz | Mike O'Brien

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